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Barco R9842020 Projector Lamp

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Barco R9842020 Projector Lamp

This lamp is compatible with Barco OV D1, OV-1008, OV-1015, OV-501, OV-508, OV-513, OV-515, OV-701, OV-708, OV-713, OV-715, OV-808, OV-815, OverView CDG67-DL, OverView CDG80-DL, OverView CDR+67-DL, OverView CDR+80-DL, OverView CDR67-DL, OverView D1, OverView MDR+50, OverView MDR+50-DL, OverView MDR50, OverView MDR50-DL, OverView MGD50-DL, OverView ML50, OVF-708, OVF-715 & OVF-715 projector models

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