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For a business, a workstation is a perfect furniture to have to keep things from not being messy and well-organized. Dubaimachines.com offers you with a variety of range of workstations and height adjustable stands which are authorized and on cheap and affordable rates in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and GCC.


Call Our Experts at +971-4-3360300 and we will ensure your technical and pricing requirements are taken care of. Alternately you can also Leave a Message and We will call you back in a jiffy.

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  1. Office Centre ALX-WS2-1507 Workstation
    Office Centre ALX-WS2-1507 Workstation Part No: ALX-WS2-1507
    AED4,786 AED4,558
  2. Office Centre ALX-S2-F9 Workstation
    Office Centre ALX-S2-F9 Workstation Part No: ALX-S2-F9
    AED2,607 AED2,483
  3. Office Centre ALX-WS4-1207-F9 Workstation
    Office Centre ALX-WS4-1207-F9 Workstation Part No: ALX-WS4-1207-F9
    AED5,660 AED5,390
  4. Office Centre C60 Workstation
    Office Centre C60 Workstation Part No: C60

    Please Call or Email for Special Prices.

  5. Office Centre C6-Call Center Workstation
    Office Centre C6-Call Center Workstation Part No: C6-Call Center
    AED798 AED760
  6. Office Centre HK60-WS4-1207 Workstation
    Office Centre HK60-WS4-1207 Workstation Part No: HK60-WS4-1207
    AED8,848 AED8,427
  7. Office Centre HK60-WS1-1506 Workstation
    Office Centre HK60-WS1-1506 Workstation Part No: HK60-WS1-1506
    AED3,053 AED2,908

10 Items

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